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Admiration. Respect. Love.

I admire and respect the man who was MAN and loving enough to let me go to see if there is better for me. What a selfless act of LOVE. It would have been so easy for us to be together. We care for one another, have a great time together, and genuinely LIKE each other. But, he has made some mistakes….the most apparent, in realizing my worth a little to late. Still, I know my feelings for him, and he is a great guy.

It’s hard to accept what the guys I see have to offer when I’ve been treated better. Still, I know I deserve the BEST.

Which is why tonight, I have said see you later to my lover and friend of the past 7yrs. And while I’m said about it, I’m also in awe of how he loves me enough to let another man treat me better than he did. 

Could he have stepped up and be the man I deserve? Possibly, but do I really have the right to say?

Just the fact that he wants me to experience better than him is amazing to me. I felt/feel so loved by that small yet huge act of love. 

*To Him* I don’t know if our paths will cross again, but I love you with all my heart, and I thank God for the privilege of knowing and loving you.

Some of the biggest ACTS of Godliness I’ve learned and seen from people who are the least religious. God is not a religion people, he is spirit. I have to love how I’m learning this!

Now, I’ve heard the song on the radio, but I guess I never paid attention to what the unedited said…this song is hilarious LOL! I can’t believe some females are really like this…OAN luuuv the dancing in this video!!! #BreezySoSexy!!!

Where They Do That At?!

Why do guys act like they didn’t receive a text message and then want to text you “hey, how are you”? Uhm! Excuse Me! Did you NOT see my text?!! Go on somewhere with that BS! Shooo!


I just realized that sometimes, I actually choose to be in my feelings. Now, that may sound weird, but think about it. How often do you sit back and reflect on a situation, think of different ways to react to that situation, and then CHOOSE the one you “feel” you want to do? I need to keep this in the forefront of my mind… #LuvLadyT

Caesars Palace in #Vegas!!!!

Caesars Palace in #Vegas!!!!

So thought provoking!!! I love this!

WOW! This really gave me a visual on how the black man is often racially profiled. This is such a sad story…I thank him for sharing.

Get To Know Yourself

It is so important for a person to truly know his/herself. People and things cannot satisfy what you deeply want. If your circumstances make you happy, you aren’t truly happy. If people make you feel fulfilled, you are more empty than you realize….It is a hard pill to swallow. God! I know it is…but press through those negative feelings to gain what you really desire. God will give you the desires of your heart, but he has to know that you won’t mess it up when he gives it to you! ‪#‎MyPersonalLesson‬!